Are you looking for a job and still don’t know where to start? There are many companies with thousands of open positions, name companies and multinationals, including Coca, Walmart, Microsoft, Apple, Nike and Amazon, among others.

Let’s detail the companies, if there is any doubt, it’s worth reading and be sure to send your resume and secure a job, right now.



Its highlight was in online sales, known worldwide with an unquestionable reputation, it began in 1994, started selling books in a garage, a while later it became popular and reinvented its way of working and today with countless services, it has become a leader in sales.


Developed in 1964 in the United States, at the time its name was Blue Riboon Sports, only in 1971 did it change its name to Nike Inc. and internationally renowned brand accessories.


Among the companies that grow the most annually, and also one of the most famous technology companies in the world, since its creation its rise has been a phenomenon without equal, numbers and data that break records, with current launches, and with products that before even after launching they are already sold out, which makes consumers all over the world wait for the novelty that comes out from time to time.


Founder Bill Gates in partnership with Paul Allen in 1975, company in the field of technology that provides and develops support and software, marked in its beginning by developing parts for computers, and with modernization it adapted and became respected in the field.


American multinational, its beginnings were sales of perishable products and today it offers a variety of products. Since 1962, the company has conquered its space and with unquestionable conduct and great notoriety is present in 27 countries, contributing to economic development.


One of the best known companies in the world, present in more than 200 countries, it was created at first to be a syrup against indigestion, its sale was made in a small pharmacy in Atlanta in 1886. It was reformulated, some time later and with its logo made to hands.